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Muslims Beware of "Abdullah Habashi"

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem

O Muslims! Beware of a man who calls himself Abdullah Habashi and of his followers. They are a group of extremists who are busy accusing all Muslims who don't follow their teachings and beliefs, of being kaafir and mushrik.

The Prophet (s) said, "man kaffara musliman faqad kafar" which means "whoever calls a Muslim a kaafir, he is a kaafir." This is borne out in the following three hadiths. The Prophet (s) said, as narrated in Bukhari and Muslim by Ibn Mas'ud, "sibaab al-muslimeen fusuqun wa qitaaluhu kufrun." which means "to curse a Muslim is corruption and to fight him is apostasy." He said in another hadith related by Abdullah ibn 'Umar in Tabarani, that the Prophet (s) said, "kuffu 'an ahli `la ilaha ill-Allah' laa tukaffirruhum bi-dhambin faman kaffara `ahla la ilaha ill-Allah' fa-hua lil-kufri aqrab." This means "leave alone the people who say there is no deity except Allah, don't call them unbelievers if they did something that in your eyes is a sin, for whoever says that they are unbelievers, he is the one nearer to unbelief." Anas ibn Malik related from the Prophet (s), "thalathun min aslil-iman, al-kaffu an man qala `la ilaha ill-Allah', la tukaffiruhu bi-dhambin wa laa tukhreejhu min al-Islam" [Abu Dawud.] "the origin of faith is threefold: to leave alone those who say there is no deity but God alone, not to call him an unbeliever because of a sin, and not to bring him out of Islam."

Our answer to these people is simply "It is enough for them to understand the meaning of these three hadiths." The Prophet (s) said, "alaykum bi-ijmaa al-muslimeen" which means "you must follow the majority of Muslims." The majority of Muslims are following these three hadiths and avoid accusing anyone of kufr and unbelief, except "Abdullah Habashi" and his followers.

"Abdullah Habashi" (a.k.a. Abdullah al-Hariri) has been trained to poison the minds of Muslims, and he was sent to Damascus. There he began his activities by visiting Muslim scholars and attending their lectures, in order to analyze their personalities. However, after much effort to spread his poisonous beliefs, he found that Damascus was too spiritual and Islamic a place for him, as he was unable to poison the minds of people. Therefore he was ordered by his masters to move on to Lebanon. There he sought asylum from the Secretary General of the Religious Affairs Department in Lebanon, Mukhtar Alele. He was given shelter on condition that he only stay in the mosque of Ziqaq al-Bilat in Beirut, and the condition that he in no way spread his teachings to people.

Unfortunately, "Abdullah Habashi" broke his promise to the General Secretary who had sponsored him. The Prophet (s) said, "al-Muslim idha wa'ada wafa.'" Which means "the Muslim when he makes a promise, fulfills it" The first action that he did was to break his promise.

He began to spread his teachings through Lebanon at that time, and has continued until the present day. During the Lebanese crisis the so-called "Abdullah Habashi", gave a fatwa that his followers could rob any house left empty by tenants who had fled the fighting. He also permitted them to kill any person who carried an identity card which identified them as Christian or non-Muslim. This is not accepted in Islam.

During the crisis moreover people were pressured to become followers of the "Habashi" group by blackmail, phone threats, and by placing bombs near their homes and their cars, until this day.

Here we will present some of the fatwas "Abdullah Habashi" made up for his followers.

1. Anyone is considered an unbeliever unless they take initiation with their shaykh. Everyone else is considered kaafir.

2. They marry only within their group. They trade, buying and selling only among themselves.

3. They gave a fatwa that a man can sleep with any woman that is not a member of their group, because she will be considered jaariya, as they consider themselves at war with those who do not follow them. They are even permitted to use force for this purpose, thereby condoning rape.

4. They destroyed families by demanding that wives leave husbands and husbands leave wives, based on their claim that if one spouse took initiation with the so-called "Habashi," he or she must leave the other, unless the other spouse also take initiation. By this means, they have broken up thousands of families, in Lebanon, Europe, in America where they have some small groups.

5. They have given a fatwa to the effect that wives forcibly separated from their husbands, remarry, though they are still considered married by sharia; moreover they force them to remarry one of the members of their group.

6. They gave a fatwa that as long as the woman is covering her head, she can go swimming in a one-piece bathing suit or bikini, even in front of strange men. Their special beaches are infamous in Lebanon.

7. They say that women can go in front of any man wearing all types of cosmetics, fragrances, eyelashes, rouge and makeup, and wearing tight trousers and alluring clothes, as long as she is covering her head.

8. Now they are finally studying the possiblity of a fatwa to allow mut'ah to take place.

9. They permitted mufakhadha, which means a man may sleep and commit any sexual act with other than his wife, as long as no penetration occurs.
This is only a small sample, a drop in the bucket, of what they have permitted their followers to do which is contrary to Islam.

O Muslims, the same ones who are spreading these fatawa, from this so-called "Abdullah Habashi," have cursed and charged many Muslim scholars with kufr.

To sum up, if the "Habashis" are not going to keep quiet and repent, and offer an apology to all those they accused of kufr and called unbelievers, we are going to expose the dealings of their rank and file with the Nusayris, who are a radical sect of Shi'ites who live in Syria.

(copied from soc.religion.islam)

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