Thursday, January 17, 2008

Muslim leaders condemn Islamic charity

Posted on Friday, November 25 @ 13:05:22 WST by SweenyTod

Islamic leaders have condemned a Muslim charity which operates in Australia as being extremist and fanatical. Representatives of 36 Muslim organisations have signed a decree which rejects al-Ahbash, also known as the Islamic Charitable Projects Association.

The decree describes al-Ahbash of holding "deviant and perverse views" and taking part in "extremist and fanatical" behaviour. The statement is signed by key Islamic leaders, including Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Ameer Ali and the imam (leader) of Sydney's Lakemba Mosque, Sheik Taj el-Din Al Hilaly.

"The behaviour and practices of the Ahbash are based on creating division and hatred amongst people," the statement said. "This does not serve the interest of the Muslim community and is directly at odds with the general policies of Australia's multicultural society."

The statement also criticised the government allowing al-Ahbash to take control of Muslim community radio station 92.1FM in Sydney.(

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